Saturday, January 2, 2010


This ad for Chase & Sanborn Coffee that appeared in the August 17, 1952 edition of Life Magazine has fascinated me since I first saw it. A husband spanking his wife OTK for not purchasing fresh ground coffee!! I always thought that spanking was reserved for children and to see this picture of a husband spanking his wife though not completely uncommon in the 50's really shocked me. In addition if you look closely you can see that he has raised her the skirt of her dress and is spanking her on her slip covered bottom. I have always viewed a woman's slip as an intimate and sexy part of her wardrobe and to be spanked on it shows how initmate this spanking is. What I do like about this picture is that she is fully dressed and not naked or bare bottom showing and that he is spanking her with his hand and not some object such as a paddle or a razor strap making this a very intimate spanking. Also you have to wonder if he had warned her previously about purchasing fresh ground coffee and this is the result of her not heeding his warnings and paying the price for this? And is this spanking taking place right at at the dinner table when he realizes this is not fresh ground coffee and turning his chair out from the table and taking his wife by the hand and turning her over his knee and lifting her skirt he starts to spank her? Whatever the scenario the message is loud and clear, if you do not test for fresh ground coffee at the store, you may be spanked as this woman was if your husband finds out you're not. I wonder how many tins of Chase & Sanborn coffee were sold as a result of this ad? I might add that the ad only appeared once and only in Life Magazine.

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