Thursday, September 23, 2010

coffee spanking

Let's look at this spanking from the woman's point with what she is thinking as her husband spanks her and how she reacts to the spanking.

(She is thinking to herself as he turns her over his knee at the breakfast table that this is not the way I thought this day would start out. I knew he was fussy about the way his coffee tasted but to spank me for not purchasing fresh ground coffee, never! I thought I could save a few cents on the household budget, but I guess I was wrong.)

"Ouch honey, that hurt!!! Please don't spank me!!"

(He has spanked me a couple of times when I was moody or did something really stupid, that was usually late in the day not first thing in the morning.)

"Ouch, that really stung!! I promise to test for freshness in the coffee when I go to the store later today!!"

(At least he didn't pull up my skirt and slip and pull down my panties to spank me like he had in the past. My slip does offer some protection, but oh does it sting when his spanks stike it.)

"Ow honey!!! Please, I get the message!!! You can stop spanking me now!!!!

(He is spanking me so hard now that as I look under the chair I see the lace on the hem of my slip dancing as his hand stikes my bottom. Leg kicking his not relieving the pain of the spanking!)

"Ow, Ow honey!!! You have never spanked me this hard."

(In a few moments we both have to go to our jobs. What will the girls in the office think and say when they see me sitting on a pillow?)

"Ouch!!!!! I'm sorry honey this won't happen again, ever!!!!"

(I don't think I can hold back the tears any longer!!)

Ouch, Oh that hurts!!! Yes dear I know you love me and I promise to test for freshness when I go to the store later today. I love you too!!!"

With that he pulls her dress down and lifts her up giving her a kiss and letting her go to their bedroom so she can cry in private.

A few minutes later after she has cried herself out and reapplies her makeup she comes out of the bedroom where he hands her a pillow and they go out to their respective jobs.

Late in the day she is at the store testing for freshness when it comes to coffee know if she doesn't she can be certain her husband will spank her once again and after this spanking she doesn't want to have it happen again.

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