Thursday, September 23, 2010

"If your husband ever finds out"...

Here is the husband's thoughts and what he is saying to his wife as he is spanking her.

(This is the last thing I wanted to do to start off the day. But I warned her that if she didn't start purchasing fresh ground coffee I would have to take action)

"I really don't enjoy spanking you, but you won't listen to me so this is the only way I can get you to listen"

(She knows how important coffee is to me in the morning and that coffee she purchased recently is awful!!!!)

"If you don't want to listen, then my and spanking you on your bottom will convey my message!!!"

(I'm glad I raised her skirt and started spanking her on her slip! The sound of my hand on her soft slip and the reaction she has to each spank tells me she is getting the message loud and clear!)

"Are you ready to listen to me when it comes to purchase fresh ground coffee? If not, I will continue to spank you until you do"

(I am going to wait until I see some tears and then I will stop spanking her. I know we must both get to our jobs.)

"Are you going to listen now? I love you and hate doing this to you but I felt I had no choice."

(I see the tears welling up. I"ve made my point.)

With her starting to cry, he pulls her skirt down and lifts her up kissing her and letting her go to their bedroom to cry. When she comes out of the bedroom with fresh makeup he hand her a pillow to sit on when riding in the car and on the job.

He knows that this will probably be the last time he spanks her for not purchasing fresh ground coffee.

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