Saturday, September 21, 2013

"If your husband ever finds out"...

In the early 1950's wife spanking was not that uncommon though the age of the "submissive wife" was coming to an end. Wife spanking scenes took place in a few television sit-coms including "Topper" which had a scene where Robert Sterling playing the role of George Kirby spanks his wife (in real life) Ann Jeffries who is George Kirby's wife Marian OTK. In the television show "People's Choice" Jackie Cooper's character spanks Patricia Breslin's character OTK and Desi Arnaz playing the role of Ricky Ricardo spanks Lucille Ball playing Lucy Ricardo OTK. In all three spanking scenes the women are wearing dresses with slips and petticoats underneath and they are wearing high heel shoes. In all three scenes they are spanked by hand. So when Chase & Sanborn Coffee came out with this ad in Life Magazine in August 1952 it wasn't that unusual. The place of the spanking is probably the dinning room at breakfast time. The couple appears to be young and maybe not married that long with no children. Spanking may have already played a role in their marriage with the wife submiting to her husband and his wishes. She may have been spanked before they were married and probably a couple of times since they said their vows. The reason for the spanking could have been moodiness on the part of the woman, a burnt supper, excessive spending, but spanking was a part of their married life. He probably spanked her in the living room or bedroom and probably had prepared her for her spanking explaining the reason for the spanking. He probably took her over his knee raising her dress and slip and petticoat removing her panties and spanking her on her exposed bottom by hand or with a hair brush or paddle if she was wearing a dress. If she was wearing slacks or shorts, he removed her slacks and shorts and panites and spanked her that way. But this scene is different since it probably took place on a week day morning and the spanking was spontaneous. She knew he loved fresh ground coffee, but in a hurry to shop may have not tested for "fresh ground coffee" or due to budget restraints purchased cheaper coffee. But no matter the reason, when her husband tasted the coffee he knew it was not fresh. He probably said something to her as she was about to serve him his breakfast when he asked her if she tested for freshness and when she confessed she hadn't he decided to spank her immediately rather than wait till the end of their work day. Knowing spanking her now would have a greater impact he turns his chair out from the table and taking her by the left arm he turns her over his knee. If you notice her left arm is extended up to his neck as if reacting to the surprise the he is spanking her. His hand is raised well above her slip covered bottom to get the maximum effect of the spanking though not having the time to pull her dress and slip and petticoat up and her panties down he has raised her skirt and is spanking her on her slip and petticoat with his hand. Her facial expressions reflect both pain and a plea to stop the spanking while he is responding by telling her this is the price she is paying for not obeying him. You can be that with the severity of this spanking she will not be able to sit comfortably for the next few days especially on her job if she has a desk job. She will also not take the risk of purchasing coffee without testing the can which is what Chase & Sanborn Coffee was trying to promote. We don't know how much coffee the ad sold, but this was the only time the ad appeared in any publication. As for the issue of spouse abuse, that is a matter of conjecture since there are couples to this day that have discipline spanking as part of their marriage. So it is a matter between the couples. I would love to hear from others on this ad and how it affects them.

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